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  • Fresh Fruit Juice

    'Why Smileey's Fruit juice?' Smileey's fruit juice available in bottles has impressive vitamins, minerals and other nutritional compounds See, fresh fruit is always good for your health and juicing fresh fruit allows you to consume much more fruit at one time. Sounds good, right?

  • Tastes Great & Good quality

    When you take a closer look at our products, you'll see it's not like any other juice. We work hard to bring the best fruit juice from our finest groves to your table.With fancy nutrition labels, Smileey provides you fresh fruit juices with a very good quality , and arguably, tastier too.

  • 100% All Natural

    Smileey provides you with 100% pure fruit juice with No artificial flavouring,No added colour,No added sugar,No added preservative, No heating, No pasteurization,No Cholesterol, Fat, Sat Fat, MUFA, PUFA but with juicy bits of fruit that let's everyone have just a little bit more




Orange is so popular it even named a colour! There is a reason why Orange is the most preferred flavour for juices everywhere. Apart from having a fresh and tangy taste, it is a natural treasure, rich in Vitamin C


The heavenly blend of lemon and mint not just tastes like freshness itself but also has plentiful of properties for health benefit. This amalgamation is most commonly known as the detox drink for a strong reason


Did you know that having a low pH level in your body can lead to numerous health issues? The Lemonade can work wonders for restoring the pH levels of the body.


Jaljeera contains black salt, which is good for digestion. It helps in heartburns relieves from intestinal gas and rehydrates the body.Jeera water is highly beneficial for your liver and stomach. The antioxidants present in the seeds can flush out the toxic materials from your body and promote the regular activities of various internal organs

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